Are you an SME in Norfolk/Suffolk?

Join us in IPSWICH to find out how to:

Improve the quality of your leads

Have a more effective sales and marketing strategy

Develop better fit, happy customers

Increase your sales and marketing campaign ROI

Uncover a world full of new opportunities

@ Sales Matters Workshops

15th, 22nd, 29th November.

DPC Marketing and Hayward Miller are delighted to be asked to deliver 3 more half day workshops for New Anglia Growth Hub.

Another chance to grow your businesses with more certainty.

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The Sales Matters© Business Development Workshop uses a tried and tested bespoke diagnostic process to help you set sales and business development benchmarks. Our workshop toolkit gives clarity on current sales health, how to pinpoint growth blocks, ways to overcome these and move forward.

The Sales Matters© process will help develop a strategic mind set and a valuable set of resources to transform your sales and marketing processes to deliver the desired outcomes more easily:

Define the WHO and WHY

Who should you be doing business with and why they will be interested? Define and profile perfect prospect personas with emphasis on “best fit” and match test relevant USPs that will have significant impact across your customer segments.

Plan the HOW, WHERE and WHEN

Clear and distinctive sales and marketing campaigns which produce action signals allow you to analyse leads quickly and develop engagement with the best fit opportunities. In an "always on" society you need to understand your buyers journey and where, when and how best to engage for maximum ROI.

Create Value and Reasons to meet/buy

Focusing on added value you will learn how prospects make their decisions and create the reasons to engage with you to close the gaps between logic and emotion. Technology may be constantly changing but the reasons people buy remains the same!

Deliver the WOW! and NOW

Through the development of better quality leads, a more effective sales and marketing strategy you will produce sustainable Sales P.O.D. s (Pipelines of Demand): best fit, pre-qualified and ready to buy prospects who will develop into loyal and happy customers.

The future starts NOW. It's time to take action.

We help good businesses become great.

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