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Sales Growth


With years of experience in delivering strategic sales and pipeline growth we can help you transform sales results and win in competitive spaces.

It all starts with our proprietary

Sales Matters Strategic  workshop  that determines what a business needs to understand to attract, engage and develop future customers with more certainty.

Together we shape your future vision:

  • Define Perfect Prospects and USPs 

  • Plan outreach and signal strategies

  • Create WOW & NOW opportunities

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Proposition Testing


Looking to develop your markets?

Need to understand where your products and services fit?

Want to gain customer insight before you launch a new brand? 

Building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving business environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.

Sales Matters Proposition Package is designed to deliver results quickly.

Let us help you build and test your propositions to meet the needs of the markets you wish to serve.




Your people are unique, so support them to be their best. Our coaching utilises a thought based approach designed to expand possibilities and realise your full potential.

Learn how to shift your foundations to

a more helpful state.

From evaluation to train the trainer, sales skills to executive coaching we are committed to ensuring our clients achieve the maximum value, personally and professionally, from our many workshops and coaching interventions.

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dpc marketing undertakes research projects to provide you with relevant information to help you grow your business.

We offer a full range of research techniques, telephone and online business surveys.


Using both primary and secondary research we work with companies from many different sectors.


Our projects have included global research for manufacturing expansion into new markets, market sizing, change management, national pricing profiling and disaster recover.

Our market research approaches are tailored to your organisation because your brand is unique.

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Lead Generation


Our Sales Matters PIPELINE BOOSTER will increase your sales opportunities and improve the performance or your sales teams by as much as 50%.

It's important to be out speaking to the prospects who buy your services at the right time. 

Our lead generation and signal marketing campaigns have been developed to supply a constant stream of pre-qualified leads.


Fill your pipeline with future opportunities and a well run nurturing campaign. 

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Appointment Setting


When you have a busy sales team it is often difficult for them to manage to drive new business development as effectively as they might.


Our Sales Matters Appointment Setting Packages are tailored to deliver  "best fit" opportunities for quicker conversion

If you struggle with appointment setting, or your outbound sales team's performance, let us help you gain more pre-qualified appointments with your perfect prospects.

Find out how we can help you.  Message us today. 07850 451475

dpc marketing

We help good businesses become great 

"dpc marketing increased our new business traction by 500% in just three months"

dpc marketing is a full service sales development agency with a passion to help you succeed. Our proprietary Sales Matters process delivers an end to end strategy which will accelerate your business growth.

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